31 Dec. 2009

A Fresh 2010

Wishing you all a new year full of bare feet in soft green grass, rose petal dreams and the company of good and inspiring friends. And thanks for being my inspiring friends.

Happy New Year.


What could be a more appropriate end of year post?

Time keeps moving on, and we're actually entering a new decade. Insane! I feel younger, but wiser, than I did the same time last year.

It's been a rough but also good year for me. It did result in the birth of this blog, and I do not regret that.

Through the course of 2009 I became:
 More secure
 Wiser
 A better photographer
 More care free

In 2010 I will:
 Trust my instincts
 Love even more
 Take chances
 Learn from mistakes

Time changes, evolves and morphs. It moves in leaps and trough treacle. We can't help growing older, but we can do something meaningful while time takes its toll.

As the seconds move.

30 Dec. 2009

My Bloggy Year

Started in May. I was all about journeys, and still am.

I continued in June. Wrote about my love for the surreal. About my home, how it looks inside, how it looks outside, and the area I live in. My love for photography had a jump, and I dreamt about Paris.

In July I spent some time in the country and in Dad in laws garden. Big Man and I went to Paris. It was like a dream. In white. And in eyeballs.

In August I went to Oslo. I expressed my love for rocks, and the beach. I blogged about food. And my kitchen. I made hard choices and showed you some of Stavanger.

September was all about Blog Camp. And magic. About my house, and lazy sundays. And it was the month I really found out that I'm a blogger.

In October I celebrated number 100. I went lobster fishing, I flew helicopters, I had a baby that resulted in a banner. I wrote about food, I made food and blogged about my relationship to things.

I was out in the autumn rain, and light.

November I got nominated. And it is true that that alone is an honour. I discovered the delights of a 50mm lens. And I worked and took photos. And rolled in som dark melancholy.

In Desember it felt like life was racing away from me. But I got to go to Copenhagen, COP 15 and Julochkas. And Christmas was magical.

Wordless Wednesday: Typograffiti

29 Dec. 2009

Living the Dream

Just had to share. My parents are having a well deserved break in Australia doing conservation work. And in the sea round Montague Island they got to swim with seals. Looks magical. And Mum said it was.

They are blogging about their life journey on Two Buckles Go Bush. More inspiring stuff there.

23 Dec. 2009

The Night Before the Night

Lille Julaften. Little Chrismas Eve. Little man is tucked up in bed. All presents are done, but not wrapped. Who cares, I'll do some tomorrow. Now, a glass of wine, some fenalår (salted dried lamb), some blissfull peace and the knowledge that I don't have to go to work untill next monday.

Wordless Wednesday: The Tree

22 Dec. 2009

My Local Butcher

... is a wonderous old fashioned place.

Idsø has been in Stavanger 175 years and is definitely an institution. I love going in and smelling the slightly repulsive odour of raw and smoked meats. Around Christmas the place is crazy with people wanting to get their pinnekjøtt (salted and/or smoked and dried lamb) or ribbe (pork with crackling).

I had to wait for an hour and a half, but fortunately they have delicious sausage samples.

I was in for a turkey (which apparently I had to order three weeks ago, so we're having beautiful organic chicken on Christmas day instead). But I had to get some bacon (American style like the sign sais) and some sausages.

They have amazing sausages. I got some sosisser: small white sausages that you normally eat with ribbe (which I won't get this year as my parents are in Aussie, and I'm spending Christmas Eve with the in laws and they eat pinnekjøtt.


Christmas will never be the same.

20 Dec. 2009

Let it Snow

Snowed in. Like the rest of Europe. Fun fun fun. And we are used to a little snow at this end of the world, even though it usually doesn't stay around for long.

But this time round it looks like we'll luck out and the snow will stay beond Christmas. For the first time in 13 years at that. Little Man is in heaven. And I'm filled with childhood memories of waking up to snowfilled weekends. Sledging in the dark. Coming in cold, wet and hungry. Going to bed exhausted.

This is shaping up to be a good holiday.

18 Dec. 2009

Falling Down Stairs

"Dungeon watch out". It has been a little how I feel lately. Falling down steep stairs, and not really knowing how to stop. I keep tumbling.

I've been dizzy for the last two weeks. My body is telling me to slow down. I have slowed down. But my head keeps spinning. And spinning. Litterally.

Fortunately I have two more days of work, then a week and a half off. Hopefully that will stop my head carousel.

And maybe I sould balance it out with a couple of glasses sauvignon blank.

17 Dec. 2009

Warm Light

... and warm company a Selsø slot.

What a lovely little Blog Camp it was. Wine, food, photography and we didn't even make it into the blue room. Julochka really knows how to put up a guest. And to let her rest after a hectic week at COP 15.


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