31 Jan. 2010

Feeling Fragile

I have to dissapoint everyone and say that this whole MasterChef experience is unbloggable. Secret, secret.

But I have had a loooong day. And I'm going home to my boys.

29 Jan. 2010

Mousse Massage

 Raspberry and chocolate mousse

My friend is getting married this summer, and we went to our local home made chocolate place 'Sjokoladepiken' to try out some wedding cake options.

I had the chocolate and passionfruit mousse.


 Dark chocolate and orange mousse
Chocolate and passionfruit mousse

28 Jan. 2010

Let there be Light

It's been a bright day compared to the last couple, and I've spent it drinking coffee, holding babies, cooking and lazying around on the couch. Bliss.

Add Ons

I've added a few sweeties to my blogroll. Was about time I did some editing there.

Be sure to check out Miss Toots at Tooting Squared, the lovely lovely Jane at spain daily, sweet and definitely kindred soul Trina at et lille oejeblik, chic Astrid at Hei Astrid, and mystery boy at my newest blog crush The Tokyo Connection.

And while I'm on the topic. Thank you Colleen, Blissed out Grandma, and Sally. For having me on you rolls. I've probably forgotten loads of you, but thank you.

You keep me going.

27 Jan. 2010

No Calm Before the Storm

I so jumped the Wednesdaygun yesterday. My days-vibes have been seriously off as I worked on monday (which I don't normally do). So today I've been walking around thinking it's Thursday. But it's not. As all of you know, and were so gracious not to remind me of.

(Is she a bit off? I hear you whisper over your screens.)

Well, yes. I'm in a bit of a frazzle. The reason I pushed my week up is that I'm off to Oslo this weekend to compete in the next level of MasterChef. As some of you might know. I got throught the first audtion with flying colours (well actually with a white apron with a magical 'M' on it).

An last week I found out that if I qualify, I will have to stay on. Potentially untill the 15th of March if I make it all the way. Crazy! I can't imagine spending that much time away from My Men, but of course I want to stay longer than this weekend. (Who am I kidding I want to win the whole thing and become the next Nigella Lawson. My own cooking show. How cool would that be?)

But for now it's all about the fun fun fun of this weekend. Any pointers?

26 Jan. 2010

Old Friends

It's Australia-day today. And my thoughts are moving back to memories. Earlier times.

As I was walking around the house with my camera (as you do) I looked up at my bookshelf and saw ths section. Mixed, but definitely some of the strongest influences in my life. (Except for that Rebeccas Tale book, don't think I even bothered to read it)

Theres a bit of Taoism, some environmental theory, a bit of Darwin, poetry and aome excellent exellent new journalism. And Murakami. My hero.

And in a lot of ways it is just like me. Or maybe a more like some of me. Today there would be at least ten cookbooks in there. Maybe a photo-manual or two. 

And it dawns on me as I'm writing this that I'm all I was ten years ago, and of course more. But I'm still that purple-haired vegan hippie poet (yup!) at heart.

Isn't it interesting what makes us me? What makes you me?

Wordless Wednesday: Harbour

25 Jan. 2010

Spring, please.

Like, right now. I'm craving colour, life. And especially no snow. We havn't had any new snow in over a month and it's dirty dirty.

Apparently it will rain tomorrow. Then freeze agian. Where are my snow-bells? My budding branches.

Here are some of the In-laws tulips instead.

24 Jan. 2010

Sunday Session: Calming Care

It's been a quiet one. A quiet I needed for my own sanity. Feel sufficiently (but definitely not as much as I would have liked) rested.

I have an action-packed-super-mamma-journalist-girlfriend week ahead.

Don't want to go to bed yet. Cause then it's monday.

Cartoon Curtain

... well manga-curtain actually, but I'm a sucker for alliteration. And a sucker for everything Japanese. Made it last weekend. And I love it. All Tailor Moon and Godzilla.

And in the windowsill: Original Little Man art in purple and gold.

23 Jan. 2010

In Audition

I saw one hundred kids auditioning for a role in the von Trapp family today. The youngest was five. The koreographer hoped it was the kids, not the parents, that wanted a moment in the spotlight. He was determined to pick out the right little people for the parts.

Makes me think. Would I put Little Man on a stage, just out of narcissim? I'd like to think no, but aren't all parents insanely (and I mean koo-koo) proud of their own child.

We'll see.

But I sure had fun taking pictures of them on stage.

22 Jan. 2010

Longing for a Lie In

It's been a tough week. Big Man got the tummy-flu on sunday, and is still not well. Because I was still sick, but felt a little better (and feeling better now too) I'm picking up all the slack at home.

It's exhausting! I have so much respect for single parents.

I feel like super-woman. Super-mum. Super-sister. Super-journalist. Super-girlfriend.

I'm all supered out. All I want is a lie in (although it means missing out on one of these gorgeous sunrises). But I'm on duty this weekend, and although it's Saturday I'm due back at work tomorrow.

So I guess I'll get to enjoy another beautiful morning.

21 Jan. 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Flowers

Yes, I know they're a day late. Who cares? They're pretty.

19 Jan. 2010

Out Cold (or Gold)

Party season is most definitely over.

Especially today. Had to go home from work with the tummy-flu, and we are already two down over there. Big Man has it too, so I guess it's just a matter of time before Little Man gets it too.

Oh, the family joys.

18 Jan. 2010

Light (Headed) as a Feather

Today was the day. I casually strolled into my local photo shop and answered confidently to the clerk.
– Yes, you can help me. I'm buying the Canon 7D, please.

And I did.

It's mind-boggingly great. And a lot to figure out in one go. So I'm taking it slowly. We have a long relationship ahead, and I want us to have a solid foundation.

But I'm not sure about the dizziness and nausea, though. It could be our budding love, but I think it's just a bit of tummy-flu building up.

He hasn't got a name, yet. But unlike Luce, he's a he. I can feel it already. We've already spent hours together today, and Big Man isn't jealous.


17 Jan. 2010

I love IKEA

I can spend hours and hours at IKEA. Dreaming, planning and scheming. Coming home with a couple of candles and some tulips. Content. Fulfilled.

And the self-serve tills are amasing. You get to scan you own stuff. And when you're done you buy an ice cream cone to make your own sundae.


I ended up buying some fabric, and made a curtain. Brought out some fabric I bought earlier and made a table cloth. So all that scheming didn't go to waste.

15 Jan. 2010

The Path Less Taken

I like to think that I've taken the road less travelled. I guess I have compared to a lot of people,  but it feels fairly normal to me.

I'm both Australian and Norwegian. My Dad's an Aussie whilst my Mum's Norski, but not grown up in Norway. It makes for an interesting mix. When I was groing up I spoke that family-speak mix of both languages. I still struggle to find some words in Norwegian and the oher way around. Some words are just more 'right' in one of the languages.

When I was growing up I always felt different. Not so much that I felt like I didn't belong. But enough to feel special. My early teens were the worst, but as I got to know myself I liked the mix. And at 18 i left for Australia and found out I wasn't really Aussie either. I was me.

A bachelor in Environmental Management and a journalism degree later I'm in a job that I feel completely at home in. A self I mostly feel at home in. And a home that is, well home.

I have two wonderful men in my life. My dream home. Great friends.

But lately I'm getting restless. A photography degree, maybe? A year of beachlife in Aussie? Another baby? A long warm vacation? The options are endless.

I don't know yet. But something is brewing.

Something good.

14 Jan. 2010

Corner View: Holiday

Decided to play along with Jane. Check out spain daily for more corner views ...

Holiday for me is a a trip down south. Swimming in lakes. Eating wild strawberries. Pulling potatos out of the ground. And picking raspberries that turn little mouths red.

12 Jan. 2010

More Winter

Just a few more pics from our wonderful Sunday in the snow and sun.

Busy at work, at home, and the light keeps escaping me. So tonight I'm catching up with the couch.

And nothing profound to say. Isn't that refreshing?

11 Jan. 2010

Me Day

 It's been one of those me-days. Quiet lunch with newspaper, spending half an hour in the camera shop (I might just have a new baby soon ...) and picking up extra wool clothes for the whole family.

And then these guys kept me company.

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