6 Nov. 2009

50mm Bliss

I had a bonus day off today. Worked last weekend on top of all the birthdays. After a trip to the gym I went to the photo store and got myself another beautiful baby. A Canon 50mm lens. Oh joy. Then I took myself straight to my favourite organic café and relaxed.

I got my wallet out. Click.

I got myself a pumpkin and chicken salad. Click.

I smelled the organic bread while I waited for my coffee. Click.

Click. Ahhhhh.


  1. 1.8 or 1.4?

    I have the Nikon 50 1.4, I want to love it but I don't get results anywhere near as good as yours.

  2. Thank you!

    1.8. What kind of apperture are you using?

    I totally love it, but I feel a little like I have graduated to it.

    You have to get depth, so either from going down low or getting up high. I was a little disappointed that I couldn't get closer than 1,5 ft. I will probably end up with a macro lens at some point as well.

    But I love how cheap it is, and how versatile. Just got back from a kids party, and everyone was questioning me taking all the photos without flash. And they turned out amasing.

    Give her a chance, and check out Spuds camera club. You can find her in my blog roll.

  3. Bliss indeed..especially the bread and coffee. Wonderful shots!

  4. The 50mm f1.8 cannon is seriously the best value for money. You've probably already fallen in love with lens.... it doesn't take long.

  5. Looks like you've been having fun with that new toy. I have a new camera with two new lenses ... beside myself with joy.

  6. I have a Nikon 50 1.4 and a Sigma 30 1.4 and I think actually I prefer the Sigma. I've been using prime lenses for a couple of years, it's worth trading off not having a zoom just for all the wonderful shots you can take without a flash.

  7. I love the zoom for spying on people. And for work it's amazing. Usually don't have the luxury of taking two cameras, and then the 18-270mm gives me a lot of playing room.

    In the poor light of this time of year the 50mm is perfect. I wish I had the 1.4, but it cost 250 pounds more.

  8. Hjemme hos oss handler det om forventninger til lukten av småsvidde pepperkaker før jul, osv. While eating pumpkin and chicken salad. I like :-)

  9. Lovely pictures! That salad looks so delicious...!


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