18 Aug. 2009

Smooth Luck

I love smooth rocks.

I pick them up on every trip to the beach. I reckon we have the best beaches in Europe here on the south west coast of Norway. It is famous with the surfers who have to wear full wetsuits (including hoods) to combat the cold of the North Sea.

I find the beaches are the most beautiful in winter. The colours are amasingly clear. The sun low. The wind brisk. And the warm cheeks when you get out of the wind are totally satisfying.
One of the beaches has a river running out on it full of slippery stone softness. The water sparkling as it makes them even smoother.

I have a whole bowl of stones, shells and other stuff collected on many beaches during many travels.
I pick up a collected rock. It's cool smoothness agains my skin. And I'm back.
Waves and all.

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  1. Oh you and Julochka are MADE to be buddies! If you're lucky, I will bring you some 'special stones' from the gravel in my driveway for Blog Camp. However, they are hurty and pointy...hmmmm


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