8 Sep. 2009

Julochkas Housescapes

Julochkas house. Seen through Miss Buckles eyes. Details. Red and turquoise. Clinton family. Eyeballs. Stones. And a Canon. You read it. Canon.


  1. Lovely blog.
    Just saw your post on Twitter (I'm chachatwist btw).

  2. i know, i have an analog canon. it's a classic, what can i say? :-)

    glad you weren't closer to the clintons, i'm sure there is lots and lots of dust on them! :-)

  3. love the clinton family "matryoshki" (that's the russian word for those), and julochka... stop with the dust thing :)... if a house is spotless then it's not lived in... and who need a home like that right??


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