7 Dec. 2009

Racing Through Life

The metrotunnel coming in to to Copenhagen centre from the airport.

I've been such a busy little bee that I've been too exhausted to tell you about my antics. The first week in december has just flown by, and my head has been spinning so much that I havn't been able to put it down in words.

If you're a fairly regular reader you might know that I'm in Copenhagen at the moment for COP 15. It meant getting up at the horrible hour of four am and flying to Denmarks lovely capital. I promise to tell all.

But first. Let me tell you some exciting news. I cooked my ass off this weekend and ended up winning a ticket to go Oslo in a new (for Norway) tv-show called MasterChef. You Aussies will definitely know it as it was a huge success Down Under. I used t watch the British version on BBC Food and kept telling Big Man that "I could do that". Well, I could. And can.

So there has been a big hoopla in my local tabloid, and I've been run down with text messages. Pretty surreal because I've been wandering around Bella Center (the COP 15 venue) amidst huge political decisionmaking (don't let anyone tell you otherwise).

Crazy stuff.

It's totally exhausting, and hopefully I'll have a full nights sleep in a week or so.

(And if you are interested (and you read norwegian) you can follow my 'Klima-blogg' on solabladet.no.


  1. Ooh, congratulations, you fabulous little domestic goddess you! How exciting! Will we be able to watch you on You Tube?

  2. sinnsykt stilig bilde! en blir liksom sugd inn i tunnelen.

  3. so cool with the MasterChef thing! congratulations!

  4. Woot for MasterChef. The Aussie winner is from where I live. I can feel it in my bones that this is going to be fun, fun, fun ... you'll blitz it.

  5. Congratulations on getting a spot on the Master Chef program. I hope you totally rock the show.


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