15 Oct. 2009


Yay! I´ve been wanting a proper banner for so long, and the lovely miss Fragrant Muse linked to a step by step recipie.  And it definitely worked. Above is my first attempt. It will definitely not be my last. So much fun, and so easy. Thank you wonderful bloggers for making life easy.

(And I told you a new Mac would brighten my life. Her name is Lucy Queen of Narnia by the way. Luce for short. Thank you Kristina for the great name suggestion.)


  1. Lovely! Me like it....and you did it yourself. Me, I'm having to throw the UK's national debt at a designer to sort my grim looking blog out. LOL! x

  2. perfect - looks great!
    and I'm glad you liked my name suggestion :-)

  3. love it!
    very cool new look and thanks for sharing the source!


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