20 Sep. 2009

A Lazy Sunday

My parents picked up Little Man for a fun day fishing crabs and playing with hens. So Big Man and I got to have a lazy morning/afternoon  for ourselves. We lay around on the sofa (wow), we went for a drive and discovered some more street art (will post pics soon), and we got to spend a slow hour in a cafe. Ice cold coke. Crunchy salad. Delicious cappuccino.

Oooh, and I got a tin of jasmine tea from Kusmi. Will make myself a cup as soon as Little Man is tucked up in bed.


  1. How lovely. Don't get me wrong, I love weekends with my kids but sometimes, a lazy Sunday with hubby is just what the doctor's ordered.
    Love the tin tea shot.

  2. i want a lazy sunday too sooo badly. love the glass lamp shot

  3. the photo of the lamps and the counter at the café is just beautiful!


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