5 Oct. 2009

One Hundred

The Sony Building in Berlin

I've posted 100 posts on this blog. Crazy. It seems only weeks ago that my sis suggested I should join the blogosphere. Days ago that I got addicted to posting.  Minutes ago since I went to lovely lovely Blog Camp.

Being a blogger has given me so much:
  • Writing for someone but me
  • Taking more pictures
  • Taking better pictures
  • Meeting great blogging peeps
  • Making friends for life
  • Being inspired by other blogs with funny, interesting, deep thoughts
  • Made me much more technically adept
  • And it has given me loads and loads of inspiration
And I'm sure it will give me much much more. Thank you all for reading. I'll keep you posted.




  1. its lovely how blogosphere connects people.
    btw i have to say your photographys rocking!!

  2. congrats on #100!! may the blogosphere continue to inspire for 100 more and 100 more and 100 more than that...


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