11 Oct. 2009

Lobster Season

Had a gorgeous day lobster fishing yesterday. Handy Brother and Dad were on their way into a no-catch-depression, when in pot number lucky seven two beauties turned up. Happiness all round. I just enjoyed being in the fresh sea air. Soaking the sun. Breathing the sea smells (and sometimes the rotten fish they put in the pots).

And I came home proud. One beauty in each hand. One for Big Man, one for me. Made garlic butter. And killed those sweet little crawlers in the boiling water. It really makes my tummy twinge. And I stood there pressing the lid down as hard as I could (imagining that it makes the water boil even more).

But they were yummy. And I have the compulsory lobster shell cut on my thumb reminding me of the feast.

Having another feast today. Komler. They are big potato dumplings boiled in the stock from salted boiled lamb. Served with swede (kålrabi) mash and melted butter. Very traditional for this part of Norway.

Hope you are enjoying your sundays too.

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