28 Oct. 2009

Trinkets and Things

Example of 'stuff'. Cute mushroom thingy on my bag.

Even though I try to be all zen and anti materialistic I have to be the first to admit that I like things. And I like buying new things. And recently I have noticed that  lot of my blog posts have been about new things and my excitement over them. Like here, here and here. And here...

Now, I'm trying to be all environmental and anti-waste, and I'm now going to argue that my mountain of things actually makes me contribute less to the ever increasing mound of recyclables at the dump.


For some reason (maybe age?) I have turned into my mum. I check the labels of clothing to make sure they are pure wool, cotton, linen, silk. I research my purchases. And I spend more money on the stuff I am sure I will love for a long time.

And I've started making stuff. The positive spiral of investing time and energy in a project should never be underestimated. And I love that it makes my 'stuff' unique.

I do actually have som key questions I ask myself before I buy something, like:
  • What use does this item give me?
  • Do I have similar things at home?
  • Can I fix/repaint/repurpose/move/alter something I already have to satisfy the 'need' I have to buy the item?
  • Can I afford it? (Actually glad I have this limitation)
I probably have loads more of self examining questions, but I must confess that buying stuff makes me feel good. Fortunately so does making stuff, playing with Little Man, taking pictures,  etc ect.

So I think I'm safe. For now.

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  1. What a cute 'thingy' :)! I ask myself the same questions when I see something I want! Fun to read about it!


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