New Chapters

Starting another chapter in the book of life effectively ended this blog. I'm planning a new one, and in the mean time you can find us here.

We are doing well. The flat is great. And we had a little taste of summer in May.

School is over and I'm working for Gladmat, a food festival, most of the summer. Fun times. I'll post the new blog as soon as I get it up and running.



New Flat

Sabi Sushi001
We're in. Quite a few ends to finish yet. But we're in. Starting to like it, I'll be in love soon. Tired. Moving up four flights if stairs takes its toll.


We're still here ...


 ... doing our Ninjago/Pumpkin business.

The mornings and evenlings are ligher, winter is teasing us with spring-like days, and everything seems a little easier.



Can I be here with Brother and Dad please?

Cause at home there is another round of fever, paracetamol, temperatures, doctors appointments and cabin fever.

Silver lining: A feverish Little will sit still for almost 30 minutes if you bribe him with cheerios and baby-tv.

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