23 Aug. 2009

Hallibut and Scones

My new kitchen inspires me to cook proper food.

Friday I cooked hallibut with potato mash, pickled cabbage and bacon and chantarelle vinaigrette. Yum! It was of course served with a glass of my favourite sauvignon blanc (I already had some of this while cooking too). I love the sound of the crystal glass against our new granite surface top.

And this morning I made scones. From a pack. But it's local from Stangeland Mølle, and made from beautiful stone ground flower. Topped them with some organic sunflower seeds that the whole family loves, and paired with Dad-in-laws yummy strawberry jam and a spoon of sour cream and a coffee I'm in breakfast bliss heaven.

And while we're on the in law topic. Check out those tomatoes. Got a "delivery" yesterday. They smell amazing. Like tomato leaves, sun and green house dampness.

I went crazy with the camera capturing the details. Stay close for more kitchenscapes.


  1. Ooooh how fabulous. But I have worktop envy. Our old house had granite worktops (ah, how I loved to shine them)...and I'd not appreciated the 'clink' of crystal on them. But now I know exactly what you mean, and I miss it. Howl.

    'that' smell of proper tomatoes is divine, I love how it lingers on your fingers (oh, I rhymed) too.

  2. i really like the egg reflected on the surface below. and that scone looks delicious.

  3. I might have to take a pre-mix pack with me to Denmark :-)


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