28 Aug. 2010


Exactly the opposite of how I feel at the mo. I'm sluggish, congested and generally exhausted. But this was a nice night on the top of our neighbourhood. An oil-billionaire gift to Stavanger.

26 Aug. 2010

More Magic

... and yes, we lived in that house. The other end of the same house was a museum. Ours could as well have been.

Fanø Magic

We had a beautiful week on the island Fanø and the little village Sønderho. There are only 300 permanent residents in the community, but my friends wedding increased it with about 125 more people.

Some of these were taken on a cloudy day, but most of the days were gorgeous and warm. And I can truly say that after a week here I felt like I'd been away for a month. Totally rested.

Like all Danish places people ride their bike instead of their car. My parents came along and Little Man got used to Momo and Morfar picking him up whereever. We all lived in the small houses and it felt almost like  commune. And in a very good way.

Two weeks later I still feel sad for leaving, but I'm glad that most of the people tat made the stay so wonderful are back in Stavanger with us. As are the good memories. We have conversation-topics for weeks worth of cozy coffee-dates and late night phone calls ahead of us.

24 Aug. 2010

Jumping in Puddles

It has been a few rainy days lately, and I can tell we have had an allright summer because it feels weird and wrong.

More annoyingly I don't have an coats that fit over my HUGE tummy (yes, I had to yell).

But. It does feel kinda appropriate as we transition into Autumn, and I want to look at the rain as an oppertunity for fun just like those two good friends above.

And on that note. I think I'll go and jump in some puddles. Or at least waddle trough them.

23 Aug. 2010


We love Århus, Denmark so much that we ended up staying there twice on our holiday. These are from our way down to Fanø. We spent a week there for my girlfriends wedding.

22 Aug. 2010

I've Been Here

... and it was beautiful.

Lots, lots, lots more to come.

4 Aug. 2010

Sunny Side Up

Lately it's been really hard for me to look on the bright side of life. I've always wanted to keep my blog a positive space where I find the silver lining, so sometimes I'll just go quiet. The whole if you don't have anything nice to say thing ...

The thing is that although this pregnancy is planned, wanted and enjoyed it's also combined with quite a lot of pain for me. It's a pelvic condition and it's really bad at the mo. And I get bored, restless and cranky.

But I'm trying. Very hard. To see things sunny side up. And this helps.

2 Aug. 2010

Under the Sea

I know its a Dahlia, but if I squint my eyes a little it's almost like I'm swimming in the ocean, looking at sea anemone. I can't get enough of these lately, and I'm planning on making the most of them while they last.

1 Aug. 2010

Good Night

Can you blame me for sneeking in while he sleeps and giving him an extra cuddle?

This is Little Man in his new Big Boy Bed. And now that Little Brother is well on his way it's like I can't stop myself from hugging and kissing the soon to be Big Brother all the time.

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