30 Jul. 2009

Confession #2

Gossip magazines are my guilty pleasure.

I really should give up this dirty habit, but when it's raining, dark and I'm feeling a little down theres nothing like some celebrity cellulite to cheer me up.

Or Jennifer Anistons realationship status.
Or Brangelinas latest child.

Now I could enjoy fresh gossip on line, but I like rifling through the poor quality paper curled up on the sofa preferably eating something crappy. And I don't leave them around. I toss them right into the recycling as soon as I'm done, slightly embarrassed that I bought them in the first place.

I threw myself over my sisters Canadian mags, and I didn't even not buy one in Paris. Got tempted on the flight home by (not so) perfect bikini bodies.

I love gossip mags. It's out.


... on my windowsill. From my favourite flower spot.

29 Jul. 2009

Country Housescapes

Childhood memories. Something in every corner. My parents countryhouse fills me with the sweet melancoly of moments past.

Sorry about the blurryness. No electricity in the cabin, so lighting was a bit poor.

28 Jul. 2009

Home Grown

Onion flowers...

I've talked about it before, I'll talk about it again. I love home grown, home made, stuff. There is something really special about havesting fruits of your own (or others) labour. And there is nothing like the pride in peoples eyes when I express my appreciation.

Knutekål (knotted cabbage)


Actually flowepods. But so cute, you want to eat them...

27 Jul. 2009


I love stripes. Anything with stripes. But especially the men in my life dressed in stripes.

26 Jul. 2009

Confession #1

Inspired by Julochkas moments of perfect clarity I have decided to make a few confessions. I absolutely love reading her secrets.
Press picture for link.
So here goes.
My Aussie accent is rehersed.

Being both Australian and Norwegian (one parent from each country) and growing up in the US, Australia, cousins in Canada, going to IB, uni in Australia, then UK, you can say that my accent is a little bit off. On the same note I have always had the need to be identified as an Aussie when I open my english-speaking mouth.
It does have to do with one of my first solo visits to a pub in Aussie, and being told to f**k off you f***ing Yank when I ordered a beer (read: biir) when I should have ordered a beer (read: beah). I decided that I was going to to my best to at least not sound like a Yank, and preferably like an Aussie. So I listened. And learned.
These days though, as much as I'd like to, I don't sound like any of my half nationalities. My family in Australia tell me that I sound British, Europeans guess Aussie, but (as much as it hurt) my sis had it spot on. - You sound exaggerated, she said casually.
I'm owning up to it. I'm a rehersed Aussie.
It's out.

Summer Parties

Wining and dining has been the focus of my (long) weekend.

Firstly, this week has been somthing called Gladmat, a yearly food festival, in my home town. Pretty yummy if you ask me. Booths and booths of food from all kinds of places. Have eaten a lot of seafood.

Secondly, close friends have moved to our neighbourhood! Yay! And we warmed the house well friday night. Party basket is represented above (roses are from my garden). Including my favourite wine of the moment. Twin Islands, sauvignon blanc from the Malbourogh region in New Zealand. Yum!

Last night I went out with the girls. Fusion mexican food. Nice. Company even better.

22 Jul. 2009

I Found Whiteness

So. I'm not finished telling you about our trip to Paris. I've already blogged about it here, and here. We had two action-packed days sans one little boy. Missed him though.

Inspired by my new book the other half and I found Le Petit Atelier de Paris. Wow. A sea of clean whiteness. I went crazy. Five vases, one jug and a tea towel later I didn't need to go into another shop in Paris again. Well... I lie. I went into a few other shops, but none as nice as this one. Thank you Pia.

Wanted to take it all home into my new kitchen (including the adorable chien). But my wallet and suitcase was too small. Sigh. Below are pictures of what I finally chose to use my limited resources on. Mind the crushed paper.

21 Jul. 2009

Oh My Goat

And I forgot to mention. They have goats. Gorgeous goats. And we don't eat them.

Farm Life

Already had my second trip down south this summer, and I'm sure there will be more. So much to smell, see and feel (including mozzie bites and ticks...). Although I'm not always that good at letting go of thoughts about home (especially now as we are working on our kitchen) I've managed to have complete moments of summer and nature blissfullness. It's almost a religious experience, and I find that when I have my camera with me it is even easier to notice things. Weird, but it's like I have more focus.

These pictures are from my best friends cabin. Her father is quite the gardener, and as I'm quite the foodie it is a great combination. So last weekend we came over for a barbie, and we threw together a salad of whatever was fresh in the veggie patch. Red, white and purple potatoes got pulled out of the earth. And for dessert: Freshly picked raspberries. Heaven.

And if we're out of food we go fishing. The crabs are beautiful!

15 Jul. 2009

Eyes and Dolls

So right across from my hotel in Paris was this seriously quirky shop called Tombèes du Caimon. Full of old weird things. What grabbed me the most was the doll-bits: Eyes, hands, heads.

There was chocolate from the 1920's (I wonder how that tastes), vintage Tour Eiffels, plastic jewellery from the 70's.

We stayed in Montmatre, and it wasn't as touristy as I feared. More like I could see Amelie round every corner. And I totally luuuurve the Montmatre cemetary. I love cemetaries in general though.

14 Jul. 2009

Paris: Une Rêve

Wow. I love Paris. My favourite part is just wandering. And it was my other halfs first time. He definitely left wanting more. Good.

Enjoy the moods. I did.

10 Jul. 2009

Off to Paris

Had a beautiful week in the country, and now I'm off to Paris with my better half...
Some inspiration: Wild strawberries, and my Dads map-holder in the country house.

4 Jul. 2009

Old Ladies

Love those proud old ladies. Spending hours in their gardens, mending fences from the 60s. This one lives down my street. I love her windows.

3 Jul. 2009

Dad-in-laws Garden

Full of all the flowes you can imagine. Starts with daffs in spring, then tulips, then peonies, then lilies...

And it continues well into september.

I especially love his dahlias. They are colourful, wonderful, and remind me of when we moved into our house. We had vases full og them for our housewarming.

Every time I visit I can pick myself a beautiful bunch of whatever colours I like. I love the feel of the warm soil between my toes.

And come late summer I get fresh potatoes. And basil.


2 Jul. 2009

Anne Lives Here

So, one of the first blogs I started following was DosFamily. The Swedish girls caught me with their slideshows of home visits. As some of you may know us Scandinavians like to have a beautiful home. Mostly because we spend a lot of time in it.

For me it is all about creating my home. A space that inspires, and works for, and with, me.

DosVisits are personal, and beautifully photographed. And to me thay seem to be all about each individuals relationship with their home, and not all about design.

A true inspiration.
The picture is from DosFamilys last visit.

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