1 Aug. 2009

I Love Oslo

Spent the last few days in our captal Oslo. Havn't ever really known the city, but I'm getting to loving it. The shopping is fun fun fun. Vintage stuff, but also Norwegian and Scandinavian design that is som much easier to access in the to die for shops.

Ended up spending too much money on mussels, savignon blanc, focaccia and aioli during lazy lunches and dinners. That, including awsome clothes sales, took a huge chunk out of my wallet. The biggest chunk being a brown cashmere dress from Månestråle. (And the dress was definitely a must have for Autumn, and I definitely felt a little nauseous after I bought it and had to confess all to other half when home again)

But shopping (believe it or not) was not the reason I was in Oslo. I got to see Madonna! Now I have been a fan since, at 11, I bought "Like a Prayer" in a shopping mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I can truly say it was a unforgettable experience. I cried. I sang.
And I got wet. Very wet. Just as we got into the stadium the sky litterally opened. I had rain gear on (pants and coat) as well as a plastic poncho on too. And I still got soaked to the bone. Madonna was like: - I hope you are enjoying this cause I'm risking my f***ing life for you.

I enjoyed myself.

Chair in Fretex

House in Frogner Detail from Shoe Lounge

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  1. a glass of sauvignon blanc in oslo will set you back a pretty penny.

    i think i took the same shot of the oslo bikes sign.

    i do love oslo...


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