31 Dec. 2009


What could be a more appropriate end of year post?

Time keeps moving on, and we're actually entering a new decade. Insane! I feel younger, but wiser, than I did the same time last year.

It's been a rough but also good year for me. It did result in the birth of this blog, and I do not regret that.

Through the course of 2009 I became:
 More secure
 Wiser
 A better photographer
 More care free

In 2010 I will:
 Trust my instincts
 Love even more
 Take chances
 Learn from mistakes

Time changes, evolves and morphs. It moves in leaps and trough treacle. We can't help growing older, but we can do something meaningful while time takes its toll.

As the seconds move.


  1. A beautifully fitting post to close out the year. I've really enjoyed both your writing and your gorgeous photos in 2009.

  2. beautiful! warm wishes for the new year. can´t wait to see 2010 through your eyes. besos-jane


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