30 Dec. 2009

My Bloggy Year

Started in May. I was all about journeys, and still am.

I continued in June. Wrote about my love for the surreal. About my home, how it looks inside, how it looks outside, and the area I live in. My love for photography had a jump, and I dreamt about Paris.

In July I spent some time in the country and in Dad in laws garden. Big Man and I went to Paris. It was like a dream. In white. And in eyeballs.

In August I went to Oslo. I expressed my love for rocks, and the beach. I blogged about food. And my kitchen. I made hard choices and showed you some of Stavanger.

September was all about Blog Camp. And magic. About my house, and lazy sundays. And it was the month I really found out that I'm a blogger.

In October I celebrated number 100. I went lobster fishing, I flew helicopters, I had a baby that resulted in a banner. I wrote about food, I made food and blogged about my relationship to things.

I was out in the autumn rain, and light.

November I got nominated. And it is true that that alone is an honour. I discovered the delights of a 50mm lens. And I worked and took photos. And rolled in som dark melancholy.

In Desember it felt like life was racing away from me. But I got to go to Copenhagen, COP 15 and Julochkas. And Christmas was magical.


  1. What a lovely summary of the year.
    And might I add that it's been lovely getting to know you!
    Happy new year to you, Miss B.

  2. it was a good bloggy year. here's hoping 2010 is even better! happy new year to you!!


  3. Kisses to MissToots and MissJules. Love you both.


  4. what a year! I hope 2010 will treat you good!

  5. and i'm glad i got to read about some of those things you blogged about.. thanks :)


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