11 Nov. 2009


She's a teacher, mum and bellydancer. And saved me at work today. Do angels have orange wings?

It's been one of those weeks already. Work has been crazy. One gone travelling, and one down with the swine flu. Me? Seriously sore back. Apparently I over did it at the gym. I thought I was getting into a rythm. So, hardly any sleep for me. And sitting at work has litterally been a pain.

Fortunately my job involves a lot of going out and taking pictures of beautiful positive people. She totally put out for me. Within five minutes of my call she had quieted her class and was dancing for me colouring the grey winter light with orange dance. What a star!

My job involves a lot of people sharing, not only with me, but with everyone reading the paper. I always admire secure happy people that are so comfertable in their skin that I can get them to spin around for me for minutes. Such an inspiration.


  1. these photos are spectacular, especially the second one! wow!
    hope your back feels better soon - hugs!

  2. Thank you! I love taking pictures for work.

    It is so unpredictable because I never know what kind of people I will meet or what kind of environment I'll be in.

    Allways a challenge.

  3. I like both pics. Meeting people like her is definitely a perk of the job :)

    Good luck with the back! I had neck problems last week, with lots of pain. Could it be *cough cough* first signs of aging?...

  4. the orange against the gray sky is incredible. great photos.

  5. What gorgeous photos. You are very talented.

  6. wowza! that second photo blows me away.

  7. both great shot...wow
    and as for angels.. i find that most of the time true angels might not even have wings on their backs but what they have are wings on their hearts :)

  8. yes i agree- beautiful words and shots! happy weekend!

  9. What a beautiful woman (and beautiful pictures)! That orange just livens it up!

  10. Thank you everyone for your kind comments:-)


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