27 Sep. 2009

Sunday Session

Home grown carrots and beetroots from my parents alotment.

Have had one of those beautiful varied weekends. Started already on thursday with a visit fom the east. Made food, kake, and got enthusiastic raves. From kids and adults alike. But lasagna and chocolate kake will do that.

Friday was one of those great days at work. A lot of stories flopping, but fun writing sessions about tomatoes and freewriting about being a huge klutz (I promise some day to spill all, oun intended). Made home made garlic mash and chicken fingers for tea. Raves fom the Men. Boy in bed, adult time on sofa. Bliss.

Chocolate kake from Thursday that lasted untill Sunday

Saturday started with a trip to the theatre. Kids theatre. So much fun to watch Little Mans reactions. Tea at one of our local thai places (Littel Man loves pad thai). And at night a party at my sis in laws house. So much fun. Beer, bubbly and captain morgan and coke. Yum. Not even that hung over this morning, only tired, and got to nap on the sofa (bliss #2) before cooking tea for the neighbours. Roast chook (thats Aussie for chicken) with loads of vegies, including beets and carrots above. Hit with kiddies and parents again. Next time at their house!

In addition to beets and caroots I added potato, kumera, parsnip, garlic rosemary and yummy organic olive oil.

The perfect mix weekend indeed. And loads of friendly company. And good food and wine.


  1. glad you had a good weekend! all that food talk is making me hungry :-)

  2. What a nice and yummy weekend!

  3. how on earth did the chocolate cake last that long? it looks scrumptious.

  4. Tip: Make the kake so rich that you only can eat it in little pieces. One at a time.


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