17 Dec. 2009

Warm Light

... and warm company a Selsø slot.

What a lovely little Blog Camp it was. Wine, food, photography and we didn't even make it into the blue room. Julochka really knows how to put up a guest. And to let her rest after a hectic week at COP 15.



  1. Oh! Lovely photos! It must have been so much fun! Mini BC are great!

  2. so glad you had enjoyed, awesome shots, love the last one :)

  3. oh, i love the last photo of that wall at the church! and i didn't even see that bird house by the window in the 3rd photo. it's so much fun to see another person's photos who you were together with, b/c there are always surprises in the familiar. great stuff!

  4. I love that there actually is bird on the feeder as well :-)

    Thank you all three for your lovely comments.

  5. Super shots, looks like you had a lovely time.


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