28 Sep. 2009

I Blog Therefore I Am

What do you dream about? The shop window is asking.  Are you able to answer? I'm not. Are these traditional dreams: Husband, children, house, dog? Personal dreams: Successfull career, being noticed? Material dreams: Money to travel, buy designer furniture? All of the above, please.

But when I cut down to the rough bits. The important bits. It's not so hard. I'm looking for balance. Equilibrium.

So what has this got to do with blogging, you ask. Well. In a lot of ways the equilibrium I strive for in life, I also strive for here. Mostly happy, fun bits. Some delicious, some colourful. Sometimes something sad. Like my life really.

Non bloggers often ask me what I blog about. And when I say I blog about life, then they don't get it. 'What is your theme?' they ask. Politics, feminism, food, mommy or fashion blog. 'None of the above', I answer to more confusion.

It's interesting to see how important it is for us to pigeon hole eachother. The need to place someone in some context. So we can decode, decifer and analyse. It's also so here in the blogosphere, the labelling goes on. And without sticking lables on ourselves, we still get consumed according to our contents.

I'm putting myself out there. Do you get it?


  1. Pigeon-holing (is that a proper word?) is my pet peeve. I am very much annoyed by that kind of intellectual laziness although I am probably sometimes guilty of it myself, without noticing.

  2. i agree 110%.i ve never understood why people do that maybe even including myself. its every where even when creating a blog or a facebook profile..interests, fav movies, books etc etc...all of this is like pigeon holing oneself i feel some times...i have difficulty putting down my interests cause i have so many...ha!

  3. I can't fill in those gaps on blogger and Facebook and such that ask for fav movies and the like. They change and there's so much I haven't seen. How can I say what I like when I haven't seen and heard and done it all. It's just one thing at a time, one day at a time, one post at a time. It just is.

  4. Anonymous3/10/09 13:24

    equilibrium. Beautiful. Thanks for this post.


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