9 Dec. 2009

The Fight Between Good and Evil

An important message.

I would like to draw a parallell form COP 15 to Star Wars. This is a fight between good and evil. Between the rich and poor. Between the force and the dark side.

Living in the Northern Hemisphere I'm so so so privileged. I have a job, a house, a family and a climate that is, even though I complain, is really okay.

Its a matter of force. About being on the good side. And a matter of managing to put oneself in someone elses situation.

I got it confirmed with the climate specialist yesterday. In Norway we won't feel the effects og anthropological global warming like they do in dryer countries or wetter countries. In my part of the country we will actually affect us positively. More warm days give more grass, strawberries, corn. Cows are happy. People are happy.

If I really try, I can remember winters full of white magic dust. Of sledging. Og taking my skis to school. I have accepted that Little Man won't have those white winters. The ones today are grey and wet. But spring is now 10 days earlier. How early will it be when Little Man grows up?

And then we're back to the force. Our ability to be, and do, good. I chose to nurture the force in me. Keeping it strong. For Little Mans sake.

Because we just don't know.

"If everyone in Europe washed their clothes on 30 degrees celcius it would cut the CO2 emissions equivalent to 30 000 cars", this man tells me. I'm in!


  1. i think you are quite right: it can be put that simple. it really is that simple. it's about good and evil.

  2. i really feel sorry for the mother earth. i hope we all try to save her in our own little ways.


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