16 Nov. 2009

Light in Dark

So I got some feedback on my little whinge yesterday. I was trying to sound all up-lifty, and positive, about The Dark, but you all saw right through me, and told me som truths in the comments box. Bring it on! I love a good discussion, and feel free to put me right.

Today I'm in an even gloomier mood, but I intend to put it right by posting some low light images that Little Man and I took on friday night. We skipped normal dinner and went to one of our favourite cafés. Bonus! They had candles lit on all the tables, and it was warm and cozy as the wind houled outside. The cold blue light stayed on the outside, while the warm gandlelight glowed inside.

Got so inspired that today I took a trip to my all time fave IKEA to buy some more candles and huge vases to have them in. Combined with the pinecones our little family picked last weekend it looks really pretty. I might post a pic of it soon.

But for now, enjoy the warm glow of Ostehuset Østs atmosphere, and the cold blue light contrasting it.




  1. good to know u r feeling better..always fun breaking away from the routine to fight the blues

  2. Your photos are so beautiful. You have a great eye for shade and light - maybe that's what makes you so susceptible to the change in seasons. Pinecones and candles sound lovely. I adore clusters of candles this time of the year, when the curtains are drawn so early. It turns gloomy into cost.

    By the way, have given you a little award. Swing by when you're free.

  3. I love that "everything is changing" is right above the little man's photo. You scroll down to see him and think "yup, it sure is". :)

  4. i totally enjoyed that. love seeing your world through your eyes! besos!

  5. mmm, that's one of those fabulous cinnamony thingies. yum.


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