22 Jul. 2009

I Found Whiteness

So. I'm not finished telling you about our trip to Paris. I've already blogged about it here, and here. We had two action-packed days sans one little boy. Missed him though.

Inspired by my new book the other half and I found Le Petit Atelier de Paris. Wow. A sea of clean whiteness. I went crazy. Five vases, one jug and a tea towel later I didn't need to go into another shop in Paris again. Well... I lie. I went into a few other shops, but none as nice as this one. Thank you Pia.

Wanted to take it all home into my new kitchen (including the adorable chien). But my wallet and suitcase was too small. Sigh. Below are pictures of what I finally chose to use my limited resources on. Mind the crushed paper.

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