2 Oct. 2009

Flying High

Helicopter in morning sun. Need I say more?

I got to go on a helicopter ride today. So much fun. We took pictures for work, and the pilot just took the doors off the helicopter so that we could shoot in the air. So cold, but so exciting.

I've been having these magical fridays at work lately, and I wonder what next friday has in store for me. Wait. It's my day off.  Maybe a parachute jump? Or a surf lesson?

That's my leg folks. And no door.

The fuel. Cigarette anyone?

Golfers with beautiful long shadows.

Just in case you missed it.

I look sooo happy, and that is before I got into the helicopter. I'm still flying even though I only had half an hour in the copter this morning. What a rush, what excitement,


  1. What an amazing job you must have. Am truly jealous. I absolutely love helicopters and even did few lessons a while back. The best journey? Flying over a glacier above The Rockies, Canada.
    BTW that picture of people walking over the fields is stunning.

  2. oh, I'm so jealous! I'd love to take a helicopter ride! the photo of the golfers is really good. happy weekend!

  3. woowwww that looks like soo much fun!!
    i love the pics esp. the golfers!

    have a great weekend

  4. oh how fun... love your stockings by the way :))

  5. love, love, love the first shot, but would have died of fright at height with no door. nice tights, tho'! :-)


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