15 Nov. 2009

Locked In

Feel locked in? This month can do it to you...

I was reading Kristines post, and it really struck a chord with me. She lives in Belize, a country where the seasons are divided between a rainy one and sunny one.

And while most of us (Scandinavians especially) are suffering from the november-blues, some of you are living in countries with no seasons. Some of you are really getting into summer right now like Molly, Extra and Katie. And I feel myself violently jealous. Wanting to kick something or at least break a plate jealous. I feel so locked in.

Because (in spite of me saying it is a great month because it contains my birthday) November is a tough month. Too far from Christmas and still a long time to go before the sun decides to be out at decent hours. Too far from anything.

Still I do feel we have been blessed this Autumn. Usually the winds and rains set in about mid September and don't let up untill the end of march. But this Autumn we've had beautiful sunny days outnumbering the rainy ones. I've been taking photos and eating great seasonal food, and actually exercising regularily, something that has helped to keep my energy levels at a decent level.

So my strategy is as always to go out when it's light. Light candles when it's not. And to enjoy those fleeting moments.

And maybe, just maybe. Book a trip to Australia.


  1. Or New Zealand, for blog camp 3.0?

  2. Sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side.. I've been living in Ghana for the past 13 years. Apart from rainy and dry there are no seasons. Just hot, hot hot.

    What you don't realise as a beautiful thing you have is the change of seasons. The smell of Autumn. The smell of Spring.

    I visited Canada and my family last week. It was early November but unseasonably warm. We walked out in the crisp leaves and I inhaled so much fresh air I almost passed out.

    I know the looming winter can be depressing, but savour the seasonal changes - some of us long for them!!!

  3. i can't really comment much on this topic...us california folks are spoiled rotten when it comes to our weather, but it looks like you are making the best of it..and looking at the bright side of things :))... a trip down under doesn't sound so bad

  4. Sorry you! Since I've started reading so many European blogs I have felt a bit guilty when mentioning our wonderful weather especially when I've known you're in the grip of winter ...
    It has been unseasonably wet and cold this November so far but at least it's light.
    Thanks for you for visiting on mine and your comment, wouldn't it be nice to have a cup of tea and a chat?!

  5. Hey, your blog is beautiful. Respect from journalist to journalist. I'll be back.
    PS November is the Christmas Eve of months...love the anticipation. Try and stay positive...it could be worse, you could live in Grimsby.

  6. i understand you. being a danish, but living in the middle east. i remember november being hard to handle (and it is my birthday month too). it's so dark and only getting darker. not much to look forward to, except for christmas, but christmas too, is far away.

    but then again. now i live in a country where we don't really have season. oh well, they say it's fall now, and yes, it's colder, and we occasionally put on a sweater, but it's not really fall. not for a dane at least. but then last week we had an unusually rainy, dark and cold week. and suddenly i remembered the feeling. and i was so so happy when the week ended with a heat wave and 25 degrees this weekend.

    so, what i wanted to say is, that it's hard to be in, but if you're not, you'll most likely miss it. and if you can managed to make the best of it and enjoy those beautiful moments when they occur, then you are on the right track.

    (that was a long one. for someone who just found your blog, but immediately felt at home and started talking way too much :)

  7. And here's me thinking my posts weren't all that summery. You must be feelin' it bad. We've got a 39C day forecast for Thursday, so I am not sure we'll all be cheering for summer when we swelter. Cheer up. Oh, and book that trip.

  8. my sister's b-day is also in november and she's decided to call it "yesvember" this year as a way to combat the darkness. :-) tho' it's not nearly as dark there as it is in these northern climes...

  9. Good idea. Yesvember it is.


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