6 Jun. 2009


Lately I've been immersing myself into Haruki Murikamis believable, yet unprobable, universe.

It all started on a trip to Boston. Left on my own on Harvard campus I wondered into their famous book store. (Worth the blurb by the way.)

- Give me something weird, I asked.

The book store guy came up with a soft back with a beautiful cover: "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" was devoured on the plane home.

Murikamis universe is magical realism crammed into a zen and modern frame. A split conciousness being normal, and travelling between universes an every day chore.

I got to reading a couple other of his books, and only recently did I pick up reading his novels again. And what a pick-up it was. After reading three of his books in a month, my fave till now is "After Dark".

Shake me awake.

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