20 Dec. 2009

Let it Snow

Snowed in. Like the rest of Europe. Fun fun fun. And we are used to a little snow at this end of the world, even though it usually doesn't stay around for long.

But this time round it looks like we'll luck out and the snow will stay beond Christmas. For the first time in 13 years at that. Little Man is in heaven. And I'm filled with childhood memories of waking up to snowfilled weekends. Sledging in the dark. Coming in cold, wet and hungry. Going to bed exhausted.

This is shaping up to be a good holiday.


  1. That's a decent coating of snow.I love the first shot, such beautiful light.

  2. Such fun isn't it? Although I'm pretty bored with it now. I just want to, you go, go places...LOL x


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