21 Jul. 2009

Farm Life

Already had my second trip down south this summer, and I'm sure there will be more. So much to smell, see and feel (including mozzie bites and ticks...). Although I'm not always that good at letting go of thoughts about home (especially now as we are working on our kitchen) I've managed to have complete moments of summer and nature blissfullness. It's almost a religious experience, and I find that when I have my camera with me it is even easier to notice things. Weird, but it's like I have more focus.

These pictures are from my best friends cabin. Her father is quite the gardener, and as I'm quite the foodie it is a great combination. So last weekend we came over for a barbie, and we threw together a salad of whatever was fresh in the veggie patch. Red, white and purple potatoes got pulled out of the earth. And for dessert: Freshly picked raspberries. Heaven.

And if we're out of food we go fishing. The crabs are beautiful!

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