28 Sep. 2009


Home made lamp. I love the way it streaks the ceiling.

Housescapes packed with memories recent and far away. Can you guess my favourite colour?

Yummy jasmine tea from las weekends fika, and Little Mans colouring pencils.But there are also trinkets from Paris and Denmark .

Japanese dolls from Paris and Vancouver. Bento box from Copenhagen.

Sushi pillow from local designer in Vancouver.

A 200 grams tin of inner calmeness for emergency only from Danish Design Center. Bird candle from Rekjavik. 

My Snow in Eyelashes painting. A story of its own.

Little Mans first dictionary, Richard Scarry style. On retro table kindly donated by the inlaws.

Wunderbaum from Lebanon, sushi toy from Vancouver and vase from Grønlykke, Copenhagen.


  1. Oh, I love those japanese dolls and the inner calmness. I need some of that! :)

  2. hmm, lemme guess...yellow? :-) love the painting!!

  3. love the pillow and the dolls, i want to hear more about the painting...did you paint it?? i love it. great photos :)

  4. Nice little wander round your place...buttery yellow? Love the pillow and the painting--especially the image of snow on eyelashes...

  5. love the lamp...and the painting...enjoyed my visit over ;)

  6. inner calmness rocks :)


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