30 Mar. 2010


These little sprouts are inspiring me at the mo. In Norwegian they are called 'spire', and I reckon that is pretty fitting.

All over my garden it's 'spiring' little green shoots. I took a couple of branches in to hang some easter decorations on Sunday and there are already leaves on it!

We're heading south soon, and although they say it will rain rain rain I'm hoping for a glimpse of sun and some green shots.

28 Mar. 2010


The season is started. My Dad-in-Law grows all sorts of flowers in his garden glass house. It starts with daffs and tulips, and then it just goes on and on and on untill September to October. My favourite is his Dahlias.

Lucky me.

26 Mar. 2010

25 Mar. 2010

Self Gifting

... in yellow. Definitely my favourite colour of now.

I don't think I'll cook my clogs in my new pot.
Now I'm just waiting for warmer weather.
Isn't she a beauty?
I bought my Swedish Hasbeens a month back. They were delivered at work only two days later. I lve them, and I have worn them outside already.

My Le Creuset was ordered from my local shop, and was hand delivered from France last weekend. Got it on Monday, and I've already cooked two meals in it. This weekend: Bread. I'll tell you all about it.

23 Mar. 2010

I love: 52 Suburbs

Picture borrowed from the fabulous 52 Suburbs
I really can't get enough of this wonderful blog that makes me so homesick. And for the observent of you, this blog has been on my roll for a few months now.

The gorgeous Lousie decided to get to know her city, Sydney, more, and is documenting her visits to its suburbs on the blog "52 Suburbs". As the title promises it's one suburb a week.

I'm totally hooked. She manages to capture that bright sharp Sydney light and has a fetish for architecture and street art just like me.

And she challenges me and my prejudices. Like in her most recent post on Redfern.

Let me just put it this way. She's at 28 now, and I really hope she continues past 52 suburbs. There are over 600 suburbs in Sydney, after all.

21 Mar. 2010

Old Stavanger

... in the snow.

Before the snow melted. There are cobbled streets.
These shots are taken on the first of March and it's amasing that all the snow is gone now. Old Stavanger is a part of the city that still has the characteristic wooden houses that used to cover the whole city. A fire burned most of them down, but this area was salvaged, and is now preserved, cobbled streets and all.

It's not a museum, people live in the almost 150 year old houses, but they have to share their beautiful homes with hoards of cruise-tourists from April till late September. Most of the houses are not allowed to be another colour than white. Although there is a blue house near the harbour which is allowed to be blue because it originally was.

Gotta ove those old tile roofs.
Long shadows on sunny buildings.
The old fire tower.

19 Mar. 2010


another pic of spring as i get engulfed by the sofa and melt into books and tv-shows just because i can and it's friday and just three and a half work days till easter vacation and i feel like i just might make it

only just

18 Mar. 2010

17 Mar. 2010

Corner View: Front Door

... none of them are mine. Check out Jane for more front doors.

15 Mar. 2010

Check this Church

"This is the church, and this is the steeple ...
... open the doors ...
 ... and there are the people"

It is recently refurbished.
And has all its former glory intact.
It stands proud.

It's St. Petri church in Stavanger by the way.

14 Mar. 2010

Cup Cakes Galore

Frosted with cream cheeze icing. Decorated with fresh berries.
Made some for my friends little boys baptism today. Chocolate cupcake recipie from one of my favourites of recent: My Baking Addiction. And orange cupcakes made before from here.

Everyone went crazy for them. Especially the kids.

They had about three each.
I mixed them on a little stand. Looked very cute.

12 Mar. 2010

Ahhh ... Friday

... and the snow has magically practically dissappeared in the last couple of days. And I got a wonderful yellow self gift delivered at work today. Don't fridays hold all the promises of a great great weekend?

Mine is filled with girls night, breakfast at our favourite café, spring flowers from the shop, parents coming home after three months in Aussie, Saturday cook night, and a beautiful baby boys baptism.

10 Mar. 2010

His Princess

This Little Man kissed me the other day and said: 'There, now you're a princess'. My Big Heart melted. He sais it with such conviction I have to believe him. Right? Blessings. I so agree with Spud.

Wordless Wednesday: Finding Spring

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