19 Sep. 2009


I think we are experiencing the last warm breaths of summer. Today has been a beautiful day, but I still feel a tinge of purple melancholy. The weekend is supposed to be warm. But the nights are cool and damp. And the darkness is slowly coming earlier and earlier. I have to stop myself from thinking about it being really dark in December, and enjoying the mildness and light now. And light candles.

Still there is something really beautiful about natures senior days. The frilly edge of a flower. The reflection of the sun in a puddle. The softness of warm winter coats coming out of their summer hiding.

So I'm getting out my candles. My lanterns. And I'm going to light up those grey days. Make food. drink wine. And wait.

For the light.

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  1. Beautiful flowers! Same here--days getting shorter and colder, and it only gets worse, at least until December 21. Luckily there's blogosphere for some precious light :)


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