18 Sep. 2009

A Good Day at Work

Is a day when I spontaniously have to go to the beach and take pictures of eight year olds surfing.

  • To wade in the luke warm (yes!) North Sea.
  • To feel sand between my toes.
  • To get wet leggings, and a wet bum from getting too excited taking pictures in the surf.
  • To feel the sun warm, and have to take my cardigan off.
  • To talk with excited kids, and an even more excited teacher.
  • To feel like I want to learn surfing. Properly.
  • To blast the radio on the perfectly long trip home.
  • To sing along, and drive fast.
  • To share the pictures of the excited kids with collegues.
... and to spend the rest of the day, bare foot. Sand not gone yet.

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  1. it sounds like it was a marvelous day!


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