25 Sep. 2009

Shag - Marry - Kill

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I'm playing Julochkas game. It's fun. I write up a list of celebrities, and tell you if I'd shag, marry or kill them, Wanna play? Copy the list, or make your own. And tell me and Julochka about it.

  1. Dave Grohl- shag, (he is my rock star sex god)
  2. Bruce Willis - shag (since Die Hard)
  3. Any of the Desperate Housewives - kill
  4. Lily Allen - shag (ooooh, total girl crush)
  5. Dawn Porter - shag (same reason, they totally look like eachother)
  6. The Aussie-guy in ER -shag, then marry (he is sooo sweet)
  7. Matt Damon - marry
  8. Ben Affleck - kill
  9. Eminem - kill (seems like a women hater)
  10. Haruki Murakami - marry (like Julochka)
  11. Kanye West - shag, maybe marry (oh so talented)
  12. Anthony Kiedis - shag (another god)
  13. Chandler in Friends - marry
  14. Chris Martin - marry (say no more)
  15. Any Beastie Boy - shag, shag, shag, marry, marry, marry.
  16. George Bush - kill
  17. Mahmoud Amedinijad - kill
  18. Bono - kill
  19. Shakira - totally shag (to the sound of her new single She Wolf 'awooo')
  20. Hank Moody in Californication- shag, shag and shag again
Make (mostly) love, not war.


  1. wait, where's my first comment? i swear i commented here! friggin blogger...

    i was going to leave a p.s. that i'd also shag dave grohl...and i don't remember what i wrote, but i'm sure it was way brilliant...glad you played too!! tho' i'd hate to have you kill bono.

  2. excellent. i should have thought about matt damon too and i feel the same as you do about him and ben affleck. :-)

  3. ok, now it's freaking me out...it posted my first comment after the second one...and now here i am with a third.

    oh well, at least your comment numbers are up. ;-)


  4. i'm totally with you on #1 and 3
    cool game :)


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