20 Sep. 2009

Singing my Life With her Words

My life was sung for me last night.

I started listening to Lisa Ekdahl in 1994. She was 23, I was 17, and her music, her wisom, hit me right in the heart. Since then she's followed me trough my life. She followed me to Australia. She followed me to the UK. And she followed me back home to Norway again.

So hearing her sing for the first time last night was like a journey trough my life. Every song took me back to a moment of heartache, a moment of bliss... most of all they took me back to lying on my bed. Headphones on. Analysing my life. Imagening my future.

Her music is melancholic and optimistic. Her lyrics are full of the life lessons she's had, and she's shared those lessons with me. Listening to her sing is like watching myself in the mirror. Retracing my lines, and thinking about a life already lived, but also about a life not yet lived.

So there, in that dark concert hall. My life was sung. My past described. And she reminded me that life is there. Right in front of my nose. Waiting to be lived. Loved. Learned.

I'm still floating on this pink knowing cloud.

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  1. Hi...I came to your blog via julochka, to read your shag, marry, kill list and ended up falling in love with Lisa's music and your autumn colours photos are lovely, too.


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