30 Sep. 2009

Three colours: White

Blog Camp pressie from Spud.

Had decided not to play. But Jules and Spud inspired me. Colour me clean, crisp colourful white.

Cool parking assignments ouside a far too expensive furniture shop.

Onion flowers in the south.

Winged candle in cafe.

Grafitti, but also local surf/skate brand.

My angel wings.

Previously a car wash, now parking lot in town.

Engelmamma (angel mum) given to me by a dear friend.

Sacre Coeur


Moona Lisa


  1. Wow, blown away by these! Nice blog! Will be back. :)

  2. i guess white is the color in the blogosphere today.. with jane as the corner view and all.. great photos, still think moona lisa is the best ;)

  3. oh, your blog camp stone looks awesome! but i gotta say, i love the moona lisa best of all, tho' shit, shit, shit is a close second. :-)


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