15 Sep. 2009

Thank You

So I've been wanting to say thank you. I've been turning up on blog rolls, and I'm so flattered. I've been hoping to, but when it happens it feels unreal.

When I noticed myself on Mr London Street (my blog crush at the mo), I really felt unworthy. But then again not.

Wow. I'm practically a blogging virgin, and here I'm being read, and referred to by all these wonderful people in the blogosphere.


Thank you Juloshka for putting me on your roll, and including me in the wonders of Blog Camp. (Thank you Spud, Jelica and Kristina for attending)

Thank you Molly, Ju, Marinik, Prosalosa and Urbaniche for putting me on your rolls.

I feel honoured. Blessed. Privleged. Touched.

I feel real.


  1. Dear Miss Buckle, I'm sure we're all following you because you have lovely things to share and I do have a soft spot for cheerful blogs; yours is one of them, no need to thanks, keep lovely things coming :)

  2. By the way, I've just tagged you on my blog. Fun questions to answer.


  3. You're very welcome, I enjoy visiting here and I hope others will too.
    And I also totally have a blog crush for MLS and I found him through you so thank you for that!

  4. as B says, "i only exist when i'm online. or at blog camp." ;-)

  5. well if we didn't like your blog... you wouldn't be on our blog roll now would you, so ya "we like you" :)
    and julochka.. i agree with b..well said


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