26 Sep. 2009

Little Man Life Lessons

I often wish I was a kid again. Those simple pleasures like being allowed to have the whole cinnamon bun, and eating it like it's the most amasing thing in the world.

I like to take lessons from Little Man. His ability to be completely in the moment is such a source of inspiration, and something I strive to do every day. His ability to notice details is uncanny, and he points the worlds wonders out to me every day.

I really loved being a kid. I felt so safe. So self confident. That everyone should look at me, listen to what I had to say, and to take me seriously was a given. I miss that confidence, and when now and then I get a glimpse of it again, I try to think about what gave me that feeling. The people? The situation? The country?

Fact is I'm a lot more secure in situations where people don't know me, than the other way around. And I crave to be thrown into  new situations, simultaniously craving safety. Confused? I was untill I saw it in my own offspring. Fact is that I want the same feeling of freedon, the feeling that the world is open to me, but keeping safety close by. When I was a kid, safety was my parents. As an adult my safety comes in various forms. Like behind a book/paper/mag. Behind a camera lens (Canon, of course). Clutching a glass of wine.

And as much as I want to be (and am) spontanious I do need my safety nets. And every day, like Little Man, I try to learn something new, do something different. Pushing my safety boundaries a little further. My rule of thumb is, if I feel anxious about it, I should try it. It's got me here. And most of the time I like it here.
I want cinnamon buns now. And a trip to Japan.

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