15 Sep. 2009


Since I got My Big Fat Lens I've been getting to perfecting the art of spying on people. I love pretending to take pictures of something up close, but then actually zooming in and catching them in natural positions.

And an afternoon in sunny Stavanger really payed off.

Check out that group of Not Norwegians in their pastels. Can you imagine their lives? The men on mobiles, each in their little techno-bubble. And the girl. Caught in a daydream. Maybe she is hoping that one of those guys will put down his phone and notice her.

Or the guy lounging? Looking at the crowds passing by. Listening to the busker, and enjoying the last of the summer sun. Is he thinking about what he's going to make for dinner for his sweetheart? Or is he longing to be as free as the busker?

He is singing in German. The busker. Nickers on, and then sun glistening on his well-used guitar. Is he dreaming of a house. Permanent roots? Is he happy?

Maybe next time I'll ask.


  1. best part of the top photo is that they all have macs! how cool are they?

  2. That´s what I loved about them.... they were all hip and ultra cool. Like you:-)


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