18 Sep. 2009

Kindie Kitchen

Oh, I feel so inspired. I'm in the parent-group in Little Mans kindie, and last night I got to go to one of the planning meetings of Økoløft - Organic lift. His and six other kindergardens want to eat as much organic food as possible. Already they have beautiful organic bread from Godt Brød (translated: good bread), and they get a big box of organic fruits and vegetables every monday from Håpet (translated: hope).
The cordial was from the local organic farm Ullandhaug Økologiske Gård. Elderflower, and delicious.
The sandwitches were of course from Godt Brød. Mine was filled with organic chicken and pesto. Yum!
And that pear....

Need I say more. What can be more inspiring than to eat delicious food, and share it with your children.

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  1. these are yummilicious pictures!!
    food shot make me hungry


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