28 Jan. 2010

Add Ons

I've added a few sweeties to my blogroll. Was about time I did some editing there.

Be sure to check out Miss Toots at Tooting Squared, the lovely lovely Jane at spain daily, sweet and definitely kindred soul Trina at et lille oejeblik, chic Astrid at Hei Astrid, and mystery boy at my newest blog crush The Tokyo Connection.

And while I'm on the topic. Thank you Colleen, Blissed out Grandma, and Sally. For having me on you rolls. I've probably forgotten loads of you, but thank you.

You keep me going.


  1. I'm going to check out your new friends a little later when I have some time. The picture of Alf Stewart at the bottom of you post has distracted me. Man... he has to be the longest serving cast member of any Australian Soapie now.

  2. Aw, thanks for the wee plug!
    I'll have to write something more inspiring that my slightly crazy "what if there was no electricity" ramblings!!


You're comments keep me going. Keep them coming.

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