15 Jan. 2010

The Path Less Taken

I like to think that I've taken the road less travelled. I guess I have compared to a lot of people,  but it feels fairly normal to me.

I'm both Australian and Norwegian. My Dad's an Aussie whilst my Mum's Norski, but not grown up in Norway. It makes for an interesting mix. When I was groing up I spoke that family-speak mix of both languages. I still struggle to find some words in Norwegian and the oher way around. Some words are just more 'right' in one of the languages.

When I was growing up I always felt different. Not so much that I felt like I didn't belong. But enough to feel special. My early teens were the worst, but as I got to know myself I liked the mix. And at 18 i left for Australia and found out I wasn't really Aussie either. I was me.

A bachelor in Environmental Management and a journalism degree later I'm in a job that I feel completely at home in. A self I mostly feel at home in. And a home that is, well home.

I have two wonderful men in my life. My dream home. Great friends.

But lately I'm getting restless. A photography degree, maybe? A year of beachlife in Aussie? Another baby? A long warm vacation? The options are endless.

I don't know yet. But something is brewing.

Something good.


  1. I just wanted to let you know, I shared your talent with my readers on my most recent blog post.

  2. It's nice when something good is brewing! And you're happy enough in your current life that you don't have to rush anything! Best of all possible worlds.

  3. well in a way you have a perfect life, and what happens to us humans when things are perfect??? we get restless... but i'm sure whatever you're brewing it's be a great addition to all your already great accomplishments :))


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