17 Jan. 2010

I love IKEA

I can spend hours and hours at IKEA. Dreaming, planning and scheming. Coming home with a couple of candles and some tulips. Content. Fulfilled.

And the self-serve tills are amasing. You get to scan you own stuff. And when you're done you buy an ice cream cone to make your own sundae.


I ended up buying some fabric, and made a curtain. Brought out some fabric I bought earlier and made a table cloth. So all that scheming didn't go to waste.


  1. So jealous you have self-serve tills at your Ikea! I adore Ikea too.

  2. Australian Ikeas just aren't QUITE that cool. Damn.

  3. I'm always so focused on meatballs I've never looked what else is there... Dang that looks good!

  4. That icecream cone looks divine! I hope you enjoyed it.

  5. i get the naughtiest desire to cheat at the self-serve tills. it's like being trusted that way brings it out in me. i haven't given in to it, but i want to...just skip one of the items (since i'm always buying multiples), just to see if i can...

  6. Jules: I'm exactly the same! It's like it's asking you to cheat. I never do though. Too much of a good girl.


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