22 Jan. 2010

Longing for a Lie In

It's been a tough week. Big Man got the tummy-flu on sunday, and is still not well. Because I was still sick, but felt a little better (and feeling better now too) I'm picking up all the slack at home.

It's exhausting! I have so much respect for single parents.

I feel like super-woman. Super-mum. Super-sister. Super-journalist. Super-girlfriend.

I'm all supered out. All I want is a lie in (although it means missing out on one of these gorgeous sunrises). But I'm on duty this weekend, and although it's Saturday I'm due back at work tomorrow.

So I guess I'll get to enjoy another beautiful morning.


  1. how i love this shot! glad you are feeling better!

  2. Ooof, that's a lot of sickness....and looking after others/children when you're sick yourself is the absolute PITS. I feel for you. Hope you'll all be on the mend v soon.

    Gorgeous shot! x

  3. Hope everyone gets well soon...and those sunrises make up for it a little bit don't they???

    Beautiful shot!

  4. I love this shot, beautiful colors. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  5. You are super. There's no doubt.


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