1 Jan. 2010

Passion Pancakes

My go-to breakfast popular with the whole family.

These are American-style pancakes made with kesam: a low-fat fresh cheeze with loads of protein. Can be exchanged with cottage cheeze if you can't get kesam.

Protein Pancakes

300 grams of kesam
4 organic eggs
3 tablespoons (tbs) of sugar
1 teaspoon (ts) of vanilla sugar
1 ts baking powder
1 ts bicarbonate of soda
300 grams flour

Wisk the kesam, sugar and eggs. Add vanilla, baking powder and bicarb. Mix, then add flour a little at a time. Sometimes it takes a bit more flour, sometimes less. You'll soon get the feel for it. The batter is thicker than crepe-style pancakes.

Spoon on to a non stick pan at a medium heat. When they start to bubble on the surface it is time to flip them.

Maple syrup is a must. In this pic I've stacked the pankakes by three with butter inbetween. Drizzle with generous amounts of maple syrup and spoon out tangy passion fruit. Yummy.

But they taste just as fantastic with bacon.


  1. holy kesam! those look good!

  2. mmm, yummy. and i just happen to have a few passion fruit left from the new year's dessert.


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