24 Jan. 2010

Cartoon Curtain

... well manga-curtain actually, but I'm a sucker for alliteration. And a sucker for everything Japanese. Made it last weekend. And I love it. All Tailor Moon and Godzilla.

And in the windowsill: Original Little Man art in purple and gold.


  1. ... and for some reason it also makes me think of Copenhagen. But I think it is because that silouette looks like 'The little mermaid'.

  2. I, too, am a sucker for alliteration.

  3. My big son is obsessed with everything Japanese as well. He's love that curtain!! Do you draw or sew or both??

    I remember when he was little there was a show called Sailor Moon - is that the same as Tailor Moon?

  4. It's Sailer Moon I mean. Not that obsessed I see :-)

    The material is from Ikea, I just whizzed around with the sewing machine.

  5. Anonymous25/1/10 21:17

    Very, very cool. A good mom you are....


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