27 Jan. 2010

No Calm Before the Storm

I so jumped the Wednesdaygun yesterday. My days-vibes have been seriously off as I worked on monday (which I don't normally do). So today I've been walking around thinking it's Thursday. But it's not. As all of you know, and were so gracious not to remind me of.

(Is she a bit off? I hear you whisper over your screens.)

Well, yes. I'm in a bit of a frazzle. The reason I pushed my week up is that I'm off to Oslo this weekend to compete in the next level of MasterChef. As some of you might know. I got throught the first audtion with flying colours (well actually with a white apron with a magical 'M' on it).

An last week I found out that if I qualify, I will have to stay on. Potentially untill the 15th of March if I make it all the way. Crazy! I can't imagine spending that much time away from My Men, but of course I want to stay longer than this weekend. (Who am I kidding I want to win the whole thing and become the next Nigella Lawson. My own cooking show. How cool would that be?)

But for now it's all about the fun fun fun of this weekend. Any pointers?


  1. Wow, good luck. I hope you'll be able to keep blogging while you're competing!

    Can we watch round one on the internet anywhere?
    Pointers ... none. You are clearly fab!

  3. Congratulations and GOOD LUCK! Keeping a good thought for you..

    My advice is be yourself in all your goodness!

    Keep us posted!

  4. So it turns out you're multitalented. Congrats!

  5. Hope the weekend went well. Can't wait to hear whether you're into the next round.


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