18 Jan. 2010

Light (Headed) as a Feather

Today was the day. I casually strolled into my local photo shop and answered confidently to the clerk.
– Yes, you can help me. I'm buying the Canon 7D, please.

And I did.

It's mind-boggingly great. And a lot to figure out in one go. So I'm taking it slowly. We have a long relationship ahead, and I want us to have a solid foundation.

But I'm not sure about the dizziness and nausea, though. It could be our budding love, but I think it's just a bit of tummy-flu building up.

He hasn't got a name, yet. But unlike Luce, he's a he. I can feel it already. We've already spent hours together today, and Big Man isn't jealous.



  1. congratulations on your new camera - exciting! hope your stomach flu passes quickly!

  2. ahhhhh.... that's exactly the "he" i want to get my hands on... soon...very soon.. enjoy him, can't wait to see all that you create with him :))

  3. Good for you! Have fun getting to know your knew camera. You have such a good eye, you'll put the camera to excellent use.

  4. As for your question on my blog ... no, I can't bend over in it. Again, what was I thinking?
    The camera is exciting. I bought a Pentaz DSLR earlier this year. Nowhere near as exciting as your Canon, but I am still finding my way with it. Love Pentax.

  5. oooh big decision! my babies(Camera, Stereo, Laptop and mp3-player) are all men.. let us know the outcome :)


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