5 Jan. 2010

What I learned in Flickr School Today

Oh, the things I have learned just in five days of the Blog Camp 365 project.

Today I learned:

 That a half-crappy shot of ice crystals in a freeezing car in the morning  can look good if it's cropped and taken down in temperature.

This is the original image:

 Rubbish-truck drivers blocking the road can make you pick up the camera while driving, and cause almost-accidents shoot n'driving. But the light and reflections are really cool.

 Manual white balance is really easy: This yellow collegue (Andy) looked a lot more healthy after he gave me a little lesson.



 I don't hate flash (although I do have an external one for work) and I'm actually pretty good at using it. All my press photography flash knowledge came back to me in a desperate moment of poor light.

 Can you tell that I used flash?

All that learning in one day. Where will it end?


  1. i remember when i first learned about wb... (i won´t tell you how many years went by without me asking what that wb button was for...):)

  2. I've been using the fixed settings a lot, but it was a real step for me to get to know the manual one :-)

    Was dead-easy too, and I can't believe it took me so long. But I guess you mature into these things.


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